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When I founded in 2000, I was looking for a way to make accepting credit cards on-line much more attainable for small and mid-sized merchants. I was working as an Oracle consultant when I first started the company and originally ran the business out of two apartments and a high-speed internet connection. The solution was simple, download some simple HTML code that would connect to a page that was hosted by 2CO and leverage merchant accounts owned by 2CO. We were ahead of our time.

I am extremely proud of our company; we operate one of the broadest e-commerce payment platforms in the world with a huge currency and payment method selection and an industry-leading 24%+ conversion rate on our hosted solution. We have enabled over 100,000 merchants to sell on-line and processed billions of dollars in e-commerce transactions. We offer hosted payment solutions, merchant and account services, gateway services, fraud prevention services, PCI compliance, consumer care, affiliate marketing, and a global shopping portal.

Our business is focused on serving the needs of our diverse client base. We hope you will join us and find out what great service is all about!

Alan Homewood, Founder & CEO, Inc.

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