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Please browse through our FAQ list below to get more information about our services. If anything is still unclear to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, and ask us any questions.

General Finance
About Western Union/MoneyGram Processing


  • Getting started as a new Crystal Payments Merchant
      You are required to complete and submit the merchant pre-check form, and a representative will get back to you as soon as possible regarding the merchant account and the appropriate documents needed to setup the merchant account.

  • What is the difference between a Direct and a Sponsored/Aggregate Merchant Account?
      You may be given a direct account or a sponsored/Aggregate merchant account (unless you have specified otherwise).

      A direct account is an account that is wholly yours and usually you will be given a choice of your own descriptor (the name that appears on your credit card statement).

      A sponsored/Aggregate merchant account is an account which is shared among a few merchants that are running on the same category / industry.

  • What is Website Compliance list?
      Once your site is pre-approved, we will send over the pricing/quotation together with a list of requirements that your website has to comply with. These are usually only cosmetic changes to abide to bank regulations.

  • Are there prohibited products and services?
      Crystal Payments does NOT support child pornography, and will never process for any such websites or any websites that has links to it. We do not support any websites that perform or promote trade of the following kind:

                      •             Weapons

                      •             Dangerous drugs

                      •             Animal cruelty

                      •             Violation of human rights

                      •             Inhumane acts

                      •             Disturbance to world peace

                      •             Anti-religious sentiments

                      •             Anti-government sentiments

                      •             Any products or services that the respective acquiring banks treat as illegal
  • Can you tell me more on 3D Merchant Account?
      3D Secure (3DS) is the new technical standard developed by Visa and MasterCard designed to combat online credit card fraud. 3-D Secure is an XML based protocol used as an added layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions. Cardholders who have registered for Verify by Visa® or MasterCard SecureCode® use their password to validate their identity whenever they make a purchase on a participating site. The system involves a pop-up window appearing during the online transaction process, requiring the cardholder to enter a pre-agreed password which their card issuing bank will be able to authenticate.

  • What types of processing solutions do you provide?
      We provide credit card solutions which consists of VISA and MASTERCARD, as well as Echeck and Western Union/MoneyGram.

  • What Currencies do you accept?
      We currently support and can process all currencies, however the merchant’s payout will be in USD.

  • What payout methods do you provide?
      We currently offer to make payouts by 2 different methods,

      1.      Wire transfer directly to your bank account,

      2.      Payout to an offshore debit card that we can provide to you, thereby cutting on wire transfer fees.

  • Is there any minimum merchant account contract term with Crystal Payments?
      No, we set no minimum contract period for merchant account. Merchant will just need to inform the account manager 2 weeks prior to the stop of processing.              

  • What are the procedures if I wish to change the registered nature of business with Crystal Payments
      Merchant will need to inform the account manager prior to the change. Merchant will be required to furnish necessary info for a new merchant account to be set up. Different set of rates & fees may apply.

  • How long does it take to setup a Merchant Account?
      Merchant account setup takes approximately 4 weeks.

  • How do I know if my business is classified as ‘High Risk’ or ‘Low Risk’?
      The ‘risk’ associated with a Merchant Account is determined by the nature of the business. The following online businesses are classified as high risk:

      ·     Adult entertainment

      ·     Travel

      ·     Pharmacy

      ·     Online casinos/gaming merchants

      ·     Telemarketing merchants

      ·     Tobacco and cigarettes

      ·     Replica products

      ·     Online auctions and debt services

      ·     E-wallet and E-cash

      ·     IPS and hosting services

      ·     Online dating services

      These types of businesses will normally have a high chargeback and refund rates. Low risk is generally normal retail businesses trading on the internet.

      NOTE: Please note that Crystal Payments and most of our banks do not process any High Risk business, and we do not process Pharmacy, Gaming, or anything that violates rules of VISA/MC or any country
      laws. [ to put this note in a disclaimer box ]

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