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Full Name : Vietnam National Financial Switching Joint – Stock Company
International trading name : Vietnam National Financial Switching Joint-Stock Company
Abbreviation name : Banknetvn
Address : 5th Floor, C3 Phuong Liet Building, Giai Phong Road, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel : +84-4-8688161
Fax : +84-4-8688163
Website :
Email :

Vietnam National Financial Switching Joint - Stock Company was established on 9th July 2004 consisting of 08 shareholders in which seven are the Vietnam’s leading banks and the rest is Vietnam Data Communication Company. Founding shareholders are:

Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (VBARD)
Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
Industrial and Commercial bank of Vietnam (ICB)
Sai Gon Thuong Tin Bank (Sacombank)
Asia Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (ACB)
Eastern Asia Commercial Joint – Stock Bank (DongA bank)
Saigon Commercial Joint – Stock Bank (Saigon bank)
Vietnam Data Communication Company (VDC)

The early contributed capital of the founding shareholders are 94.5 (ninety four billion and five hundred million) Vietnam Dong.

On March 30, 2010 State Bank of Vietnam as the representative of State-owned capital invested VND 31.5 billions into Banknetvn  raising the total capital of the Company to VND 126 billions.

Banknetvn was granted License No. 06/NHNN-GP dated 9th July 2004 by the State Bank of Vietnam to operate in the area of providing bankcard issuing and acquiring-related payment services, payment card and other relevant activities. Banknetvn was licensed the Certificate of Business Registration No 0103004894 dated 14th July 2004 by Hanoi Planning and Investment Department.

Banknetvn was founded with the major objectives of setting up a national financial switching system interconnecting all payment card systems in general and all ATM/POS systems in particular of Vietnam’s banks. The connection enables Banknetvn’s member banks to enlarge their delivery channels with reasonable investment, avoiding bank’s duplication investment in the technical infrastructure and terminals in the national scale.

Banknetvn is a joint-stock company, incorporated in accordance with Vietnam’s Corporate Law. Structurally, Banknetvn is consisted of General Board of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Board of Supervisor, and Board of Management. The Company comprises of six dedicated departments.

Based on an advanced and sophisticated payment technology and typical services belonging to the inter-bank payment card transaction switching, Banknetvn’s business activities focus on the development and launching of card-based services of banks in Vietnam enabling cardholders to initiate transactions at any time, any where in Vietnam and in the world.

For banks, the services provided by Banknetvn Switching System bring a fair competition environment for the development of card-based services. The switching services of Banknetvn do not cause the conflict of interest and the market share of providing services among Banknetvn participating banks.

For cardholders, the interconnection of ATM/POS systems of participating banks done by Banknetvn brings convenience, enabling cardholders to initiate transactions at any and all terminals belonging to Banknetvn network.

To ensure the successful of the connection between Banknetvn Switching system and the system of banks, card schemes and other institutions, Banknetvn always look forward and remain the cooperation, experience sharing with member banks, cooperate with local and international card associations on fair spirit and for mutual development and benefits.

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