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Call Center Services
A call center is an office where inbound calls are received or outbound calls are made. Call centers are increasingly popular in today's society, where many companies have centralized customer service and support functions. Call centers employ many staff in customer service, sales, and support functions.

Some call centers focus on answering inbound calls, such as a bank that gives out a toll-free number for customers needing assistance. Other call centers focus on outbound calls, such as a survey company, where representatives make outbound calls to ask people to answer survey questions over the phone.

By incorporating Call Center services into their business processes, online business owners/merchants may significantly lower their business costs, streamline their operations and increase their profit margin. Last but not least, call center services will prevent merchants from processing fraudulent transactions, hence reducing their chargeback, and refund rates.

Here are some of the call center services that Crystal Payments can offer to the merchant:
Up Selling
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In practice, large businesses usually combine up-selling and cross-selling techniques to enhance the value that the client or clients get from the organization in addition to maximizing the profit that the business gets from the client. In doing so, the organization must ensure that the relationship with the client is not disrupted. With our Call Centers, we can assist you to sell your products using this method.
Call Verification
Why is call verification important? Merchants, as the seller, really need to identify and to ensure that the consumer who made the purchases with them are genuine; call verification services can be used to ensure that. The call centre will call the respective customer who made the purchase to confirm on the identity of the consumer. The call center representative will ask the customer a series of verification questions. If the customer is not aware of and deny any involvement in any particular order, the merchant can proceed to refund the transaction to avoid the charges being reversed. This step can be taken to reduce the possibility of fraud cases.
After Sales Support
After sales support is generally important for the effectiveness of businesses. Even after a sale has been completed, i.e, the product has been shipped to the customer, it is a good practice to call the customer to check on their satisfaction level of the product or service he received. If they are unhappy of the product quality or they did not receive the correct product, we can arrange for a reshipment or provide a refund, whichever the customer feels more comfortable with. Our call centers do provide such after sales support, and please note that this is generally a good method to avoid direct chargebacks from the customers. Please contact us if you wish to inquire more about our Call Center Services.

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