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More Then A Credit Card

Guided by the principle we call the JCB Way, JCB has become more than a conventional payment card by delivering the most convenient, efficient, and reliable payment products in tandem with providing the highest quality services to our valued customers around the world.

About 64.21 million cardmembers worldwide now hold JCB cards, which are accepted at about 16.41 million associated merchants in 190 countries/territories, and supported by close ties with more than 350 financial institutions around the world. Our success as a major global payment brand is due to our steadfast commitment to quality services and products meeting every need of our valued customers.

Global Expansion Through Dialouge With Customers

Since being established in 1961, JCB has led the Japanese card industry offering creative new products and services as the pioneer in credit card payment solutions.

With the aim of expanding its quality services to many more customers across borders, JCB launched its international development in 1981, designed to promote the use of the JCB card worldwide through global merchant acquiring and issuing. JCB has now established a solid foundation as a global payment brand.

This foundation has not been achieved by the efforts of JCB alone. We have concentrated on building alliances with more than 350 of the worldfs most highly reputed financial institutions, whose support has fortified JCBfs position as a global payment brand. Each dialogue that is developed between JCB and licensed issures, acquirers, and global businesses mutually benefits with business partners in the relationship. In addition to enjoying the advantages of a convenient and reliable payment infrastructure, service and promotional activities that are attached to every JCB branded card, any licensed financial institutions can build an even more substantial card program simply by incorporating JCB brand services into its own card products and services.

This potential for synergistic growth in JCB card issuance and merchant acquisition has convinced more and more financial institutions to join us in following the JCB way.

Commitment To Quality Service

From our inception, JCB has adopted a customer-centered focus, which has crystallized as JCBfs service standard. Each and every JCB service program is guided by JCBfs fundamental service policy to gidentify the customerfs needs and please the customer.

In this pursuit of customer satisfaction, we have diversified our service programs to include JCB Plazas, a variety of information and reservation services, travel and emergency support, insurance, lifestyle support and many more unrivaled services. No matter whether our customersf needs be satisfied via the internet or through our network of JCB Plazas, our service will always remain the top priority.

JCBfs card line-up offers a complete range of high-value-added T&E features and services that are updated with the times to always remain closely in touch with cardmembersf evolving lifestyles and needs. Select the card that best represents your style, and rest assured that it offers an array of features that only JCB can provide.

JCB Cards
The Class

The Class is the most prestigious JCB card, affording
special status to a select group of JCB cardmembers.

JCB Gold Card

This flagship card offers members status commensurate with JCB's tradition of excellence and superior performance preferred by business executives.

JCB Grande

JCB Grande provides travel medical insurance, 24-hour medical hot lines and insurance coverage for the loss or damage of goods.

JCB Card

One of the most popular credit cards, the JCB Card offers a wide range of services worldwide.

JCB J-1 (for students)

JCB J-1 is designed to help the younger generation make their dreams come true. Includes overseas travel insurance among other benefits supporting the student lifestyle.

JCB Corporate

(JCB Gold/JCB Grande/JCB Card) JCB Corporate Card makes payment of business-related expenses much easier. It can also help companies smoothly and efficiently account for such expenses.

Since its inception, JCB has been the leading credit card brand in Japan. In 1981, JCB began its international development program, and in this short time we have established a solid foundation as a global payment brand.

Year Title
1961 - Japan Credit Bureau (JCB) established
- Osaka Credit Bureau (OCB) established
1968 - JCB and OCB merged
1972 - Cardmembership reaches 1 million
1973 - JCB Service Co., Ltd. (formerly Goko Shoji) established
1978 - Name changed to JCB Co., Ltd.
1980 - JCBTravel Co., Ltd. established
- JCB gift certificate services commenced
1981 - International operation launched
- JCB International Co., Ltd.,
- JCB International (Asia) Ltd. established
1982 - JCB Gold Card issuance commenced
- Franchisee card business commenced
1983 - Cardmembership reaches 5 million
1985 - First JCB Card issued outside Japan (Hong Kong)
1987 - JCB Leasing Co., Ltd. established
- JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd. established in USA
- Cardmembership reaches 10 million - Card acceptance expands to over 100 countries / territories
1988 - JCB became an official sponsor of Tokyo Disneyland ®
- JCB International (Europe) Ltd. established in UK
1989 - JET system went on-line
- JCB Cards issued in USA
1990 - JCB Plaza services commenced (Paris)
- JCB Cards issued in UK and Thailand
- JCB International (Italy) S.p.A.,
- JCB International (Oceania) Pty Ltd.,
- JCB International (Deutschland) GmbH,
- JCB International (Micronesia) Ltd. established
1991 - Capital increased to 6.6 billion yen
- JCB Global System Network went on-line
- JCB International (Canada) Ltd.,
- JCB International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. established
1993 - JCB International (Taiwan) Co., Ltd. established
- JCB Cards issued in Korea
1994 - JCB Card Center constructed in Tokyo, Japan
- JCB Cards issued in Taiwan
1995 - Japan Card Network Co., Ltd. established
- JCB Cards issued in Germany, Singapore and Australia
- Cardmembership reaches 30 million
1996 - Card acceptance expands to over 160 countries / territories
- JCB Cards issued in Indonesia and The Philippines
1997 - JCB Cards issued in China, Netherlands, Switzerland and Spain
- JCB International (Austria) GmbH established
- Electronic Market Place project launched in Tokyo, Japan
1999 - JCB Cards issued in New Zealand
- Launch of J/Smart™ JCBfs payment application for smart card
2000 - JCB Card issued in Malaysia
- JCB became an official sponser of Tokyo DisneySea
- JCB became a Corporate Marketing Partner of   Universal Studios Japan
2001 - Japan Point Anex Co., Ltd. established
- Rollout of J/Smart™ card issuance
2002 - New JCB authorization and settlement system launched
2003 - JCB International(France) S.A.S. established
- Head office moved to Aoyama, Tokyo
2004 - Rollout of J/Secure™ payer authentication program
- Acquisition of ownership in EMVCo, LLC
2005 - JCB Cards issued in Bahrain and Bulgaria
2006 - Foundation of PCI Security Standards Council, LLC. with 4   other payment systems
2007 - Launch of J/Speedy™ JCB's contactless payment program
- Agreement for establishing a joint venture in the UAE
- New JCB Brand Emblem and Brand Slogan are announced First commercial rollout of J/Speedy™ JCB's
  contactless payment program

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