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How does Online Bank Transfer Work?

The use of online bank transfers for internet trade is increasing. Merchants like the security of payment and the very reasonable conditions, depending only on the sales amount. Customers value the rapid processing of their orders from placement to delivery of goods or access to a service.

From the merchant's point of view, bank transfer is the securest form of payment. The customer executes a payment order, and two or three business days later the money is credited to the merchant's account. Then the merchant can send his wares, or grant the customer access to the chargeable members' area, since the payment is final, unlike payments via direct debit or credit card.

Normally, the classical bank transfer is used to pay bills. The customer has already received the goods or services, together with a bill to be paid within a few days.

Normal bank transfers are not very practical for internet business. While, in the age of online-banking, the customer can instruct his bank immediately to make a payment, but the actual credit to the merchant's account occurs two or three business days later, and only then is he certain that the payment was executed. For this reason, the classical bank transfer is mostly used in the internet for payment-in-advance. Only when the funds have been received will the wares or services be delivered.

But what customer wants to wait a week or more for his goods in the internet age? By the same token, no e-commerce merchant wants to execute an elaborate creditworthiness check so that he can offer a new customer immediate delivery with a bill. It seems curiously anachronistic, that a payment can be executed in seconds witn PIN and TAN in online-banking, but the booking takes days.

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