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Integration Sample Codes
Credit Card Processing:

You can find here a set of codes that will give you an idea of how to integrate your checkout page to Crystal Payments payment gateway. The sample codes include a simple html form which displays a table containing all the parameters that are required by our payment gateway in order to process any particular order/transaction. The second file is a php file which acts as a script to capture all the parameters from the html form, and sends them to Crystal Payments’ payment url where the order is processed in real time, and the subsequent processing result will be displayed on the client’s browser.

Please note that there are 2 types of accounts for Credit Card processing; The first is Non-3D (2D), and the second type is 3D Secure.

Non-3D (2D) credit card processing involves only basic and general authentication methods while processing a credit card online.

3D Secure credit card processing on the other hand, adds another authentication step for online payments by directing the customer to his card’s issuing bank’s webpage where he will be asked to answer further verification questions. The 3D Secure method was developed by Visa to improve the security of Internet Payments.

Non-3D account Sample Codes
3D Merchant Account Sample Codes

Western Union / MoneyGram

Please note that Western Union / MoneyGram processing consists of 2 processing steps, which are outlined below:

Stage 1
The customer orders a product from the merchant’s site. Customer fills up the checkout form on the merchant’s website. After the customer submits the form, the system will give him a special code (which the system will need in stage 2 in order to identify this particular order) The system will also give him the Receiver's details( Name and address) to whom the customer must make the Money Transfer order.

Money Transfer:
Customer then goes to his local WU / MG agent, and performs a Money Transfer order to that Receiver. After having made the Money Transfer Order, the customer will receive an MTCN / MG number from the WU agent.
Stage 2
The customer then goes back to merchant's website, and enters the MTCN / MG number, along with the special code he received in stage 1, to confirm that he has actually made the Money Transfer.

The system will then check in the WU database to see whether the MTCN / MG number exists in the WU System. If MTCN / MG number exists, it means that the Money transfer has been successfully received. If the MTCN / MG number does not match any one in the WU / MG system, then it means that either the customer has input the wrong MTCN / MG or that there was a problem with the Money Transfer. In that case appropriate error messages will be given to merchants so that they can inform their customers as to what was the issue.

Role of API:
The API defines all the requirements that the merchant's website or merchant's order form need to cater for in order for our payment gateway to process the WU / MG orders. It defines all the mandatory attributes that are needed to be captured and sent for processing.

Western Union / MoneyGram Sample codes

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